Kiwi musician Lizzie Marvelly has announced her engagement on social media.

"We said yes", Marvelly wrote above a photo showing her and her partner's hands wearing engagement rings.

The 29-year-old public figure, who also writes as a Weekend Herald columnist, began her career as a classical singer before crossing over as a pop singer.

She came out as bisexual in May last year after being nominated for a LGBTI award.


Politicians Judith Collins and Golriz Gharaman are among those to congratulate the pair on Twitter.

More recently Marvelly wrote a Herald column in February, sharing her disappointment at the loss of Auckland's Pride Parade.

The parade's existence had "loudly declared that the rainbow communities had the support of business, Government, and organisations of all shapes and sizes", she wrote.

"It told the prejudiced and narrow-minded that it was them, and not us, who should be ashamed."

Marvelly wrote that this message was as relevant as ever because she had a few weeks earlier been standing hand-in-hand with her now fiance at a traffic light.

When Marvelly kissed her partner, a young woman behind them "shrieked, 'Oh my God, lesbians!'"

Marvelly said she and her partner froze, stunned, as the woman "continued her tirade".

"'Maybe we should take them home with us… A blonde and a brunette… hot!' she said suggestively to her male partner, dissolving into laughter."


The incident highlighted society still had a long way to go, Marvelly said at the time.

"If we'd been a man and a woman, that very tame kiss would've been entirely unremarkable," Marvelly wrote.