Reports of white supremacist graffiti, neo-Nazis and racist behaviour at Auckland University have prompted the organisation to take action after it received a number of formal complaints today.

A University of Auckland spokeswoman said today they received a number of formal complaints about a the behaviour of a student and "acted on" those.

Social media is rife with complaints about students discriminating and harassing other students at the university, prompting formal complaints.

On Twitter there have been reports of people with visible swastika tattoos, fascist posters, white supremacist messages being tagged on buildings and jokes about mass killings.


In response, a petition was created on demanding the University of Auckland take action against racism on its campus.

Over 400 people have signed the online petition which asked the university to lead by example and enforce a no-tolerance policy against discrimination.

In a statement sent to the Herald on Thursday evening, the University of Auckland said there was no place for harassment at their institution.

"While we will not accept harassment or abuse in any form, we have an obligation under natural justice to follow agreed and shared protocol," it said.

"For the first time today (11 April) the University received a number of formal complaints about the behaviour of a current student.

"We were able to and have acted on these."

The outcomes of the formal complaints could not be provided but a spokeswoman said the university was acting upon them "immediately".

The university also said it would act upon any concerns raised and said steps were being implemented to ensure students felt safe on campus.


"Any offensive propaganda, including graffiti, is always quickly removed and we are not aware of significantly increased incidences of this in the past month."

"In the wake of the Christchurch mosque attacks we have, in conjunction with at-risk communities, looked at increased ways to ensure safety, and enhance communication so people know how to access help if required. We have tried to be proactive around sharing these messages.

"We are aware that following events such as the Christchurch mosque attacks there will be in an increased awareness of racism and offensive behaviour. The University will respond to concerns raised."