A Puhoi woman has tonight been airlifted to hospital after being trapped between a car and house - with helicopter crew describing it one of the "worst" crush injuries they've encountered.

At 5.15pm Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter (AWRH) were tasked to the settlement of Puhoi about 50km north of Auckland.

Upon arrival at 5.36pm, a women, who had been trapped between a car and a concrete retaining wall of a house for 20 to 30 minutes, had just been released by Fire Services.

It is understood the car had slowly rolled to pin the woman against the house.


AWRH attending crewman Greg Brownson described the patient as "a really sick woman" on arrival.

"I've been in this job for about 36 years and it was one of the worst compound fractures I've seen for a while," Brownson said.

"Her legs were both broken. Bad internal injuries. We don't know exactly what happened but she was crushed between her own car and the retaining wall.

"She was in a huge amount of pain and the doc had given her some quite strong pain relief, but she certainly knew she'd been injured."

The woman was then emergency air-lifted by Auckland Westpac Helicopter at 6.10pm to Auckland City Hospital in a critical condition.


Helicopter Emergency Medical Service's Dr Paul Blakemore was on board the flight so an emergency blood transfusion was administered to the woman in the air.

Upon arrival at the hospital at 6.24pm, ultrasounds revealed substantial internal bleeding in the abdomen.


Brownson also added he believed a child had made the original call to emergency services alerting them to the trapped Puhoi woman.

"It was such a busy job I didn't get all the details of the accident, we were busy dealing with her," Brownson said.

"But people did apparently start turning up. We had the understanding that a child had rung up ambulance. I don't know how old the child was but apparently it was a young person."