Auckland artist Paul X Walsh wished he had never heard of Naeem Rashid but the actions of alleged murderer and terrorist Brenton Tarrant changed that.

Rashid was at the Deans Ave mosque with his 21-year-old son, Talha, for Friday prayers when a gunman entered the building and opened fire.

Originally from Abbottabad in Pakistan, Rashid tried to take down the gunman, running at him and attempting to tackle him and prevent more from dying.

However, Rashid was unsuccessful and the gunman killed him and 50 others, including the 50-year-old's son Talha.


Paul X Walsh decided to pay his respects to Rashid and the others who lost their lives by painting a mural.

"It was more challenging than most, usually when I'm painting I listen to music or podcasts but I couldn't do anything like that with this one, this was a lot more sombre," he said.

"I've done a lot of murals of artists for example but the connection with this with someone I didn't even know last week is so much stronger."

Rashid's portrait is painted over a green and black background, representing Pakistan and New Zealand united in mourning.

The words "Remember the heroes" is written to the right of Rashid including the date 15.3.2019 when the mosque attacks took place.

Paul X Walsh said the work, at a site commonly known as the Avondale Art Park at 1925 Great North Rd, would likely be gone in a month.

The mural was created to show those who lost their lives in the attack will not be forgotten and he told the Herald he'd like to create a more permanent version.

"This is a temporary sort of spot and I'd imagine it would probably be gone in a month or so, that's the nature of that site.


"But yeah, I would like to do a permanent version if I could somewhere."