A Dunedin street has been cordoned off and AOS are present after the Christchurch mosque shooter indicated on social media earlier today that he originally planned to target Dunedin's Al Huda Mosque.

Police armed with guns are at the intersection between Somerville and Every Sts and armed offenders squad members have been photographed at a property on Somerville St.

Police told residents to stay indoors.

The street is blocked from Every St up to Dunrobin St.


Meanwhile, police were earlier this afternoon seen inspecting a property in Somerville St, Andersons Bay, and after 5pm part of the street was cordoned off.

Detectives and other officers could seen going into the property and searching it.

Police are refusing to comment about whether the search of the property is connected to what is unfolding in Christchurch, but the it is understood a vehicle involved in the incident was from Dunedin.

Armed police outside the Dunedin mosque in Clyde St. Photo / Supplied
Armed police outside the Dunedin mosque in Clyde St. Photo / Supplied

Al Huda Mosque was earlier today guarded by armed offenders squad members, but they were no longer there just after 5.20pm.

Mosque member Haizal Hussaini said the community was aware they might have been the original target, which was extremely disturbing.

On advice from police the mosque would close and only reopen when they knew it was safe.

"The community at the moment is very anxious and we've just put out a notice to our members on Facebook telling them to be careful and extra vigilant at this time."

Our hearts are with those who have been affected by the terrible tragedy that took place in Christchurch earlier this...

Posted by Otago University Medical Students Association on Thursday, 14 March 2019

In a Facebook post the Otago Muslim Association said it urged the city's Muslim community to stay calm and be extra vigilant."


They were working with Campus Watch and police for safety in the campus area and around the mosque.

Anyone who felt unsafe or needed support should call campus watch or police, the post said.

The University of Otago said today that owing to the events in Christchurch it was postponing its 150th anniversary street parade which was scheduled for tomorrow.

A replacement date will be decided in due course.