In Rotorua this afternoon, over 200 students gathered on the Lakefront Village Green as part of a worldwide protest against climate change.

Organised by local student Areta Pakinga, the protest began with speeches about climate change from local students before marching through town to the Council building.

"I think it's important for students to take part in this process for the basis that this is our future. Right now, we're looking at a not so bright one," Pakinga said.

Rotorua Mayor, Steve Chadwick and Deputy Mayor, Dave Donaldson welcomed the students at the council doors before going inside to discuss climate change in New Zealand.


Local student, Lukas Scowen said that the event was incredible.

"We were so stoked with the outcome. We were only expecting about 50 to 60 students but from the looks of it we've got a few more than that."

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