Helen Parata still has nightmares about the day a shoplifter hit her over the head with the car boot, ran her over and dragged her under the car, melting her shirt to her back.

She suffered a broken pelvis and broken femur and faces a long road to recovery.

The Mount Maunganui victim sat in the Rotorua District Court today with her crutches beside her, as the Rotorua woman who committed the crimes was imprisoned.

Lisa Doyle, 29, was sentenced in the Rotorua District Court on one charge each of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, careless operation of a motor vehicle and shoplifting, as well as a further 10 charges of shoplifting and theft on other occasions.


She was sentenced to four years and nine months imprisonment as well as one month for each of the other theft charges to be served concurrently.

The key charges relate to an incident on November 30 when Doyle went to Pak'nSave Pāpāmoa on Domain Rd with her 11-year-old stepson and filled a trolley with groceries.

At the time she was on bail to an address in Rotorua and on a 24-hour curfew.

She left the store making no attempt to pay. Two employees, including Parata, followed her in an attempt to stop her.

Doyle slammed the car boot on Parata's head and proceeded to run her over, inflicting serious injuries.

Ian Parata, Helen Parata's husband, read a victim impact statement on her behalf in court.

In it, she had written that her life and the life of her family changed that day.

Since then she has been home-bound and unable to bear weight on her leg. She has had to rely on her husband and children to help her shower and use the toilet.


"I have lost my dignity and self-esteem.

"Her [Doyle's] disregard and choices have left physical and emotional scars ... Lisa has robbed me of time with my grandchildren and extended family and sentenced me to a future of 12 months of weekly physical rehabilitation and recovery."

The statement said Helen had paid financially and emotionally and the family was struggling to get by because of Doyle's actions.

"While money is important my family and I are grateful I survived.

"I have nightmares and wake at night crying as the memories of the car tyres and the squealing still haunts me."

She said her life flashed before her eyes at the time and she thought of her family and grandchildren.

Parata now suffers anxiety around cars and is unsure whether she will ever return to work because of the psychological impact of the injuries.

"I ask that the court hold you accountable for your actions and that you take responsibility for the harm you have caused and face up to those consequences as I must face the future you have forced upon me," her statement said.

"My family and I will face the consequences of your choices and we will do so with no protest. We hope that whatever the consequences are for you and your family, you too face up to them."

During the incident, Parata lost consciousness and was dragged under Doyle's car.

As a result she has screws in her femur which will later have to be removed. She is guaranteed to need a hip replacement in the next five years.

Doyle cried as the victim impact statement was read.

In sentencing Doyle, Judge Tony Snell said she seemed to shoplift "for the thrill of it" as she had continued to shoplift both before and after the incident involving Parata.

She also has previous dishonesty offences.

"There does not seem to be justification for it. You seem to be stealing for the thrill of stealing rather than taking what you need.

"Your actions had a profound effect on Mrs Parata and her family. The lost opportunities she had had, her family has said and will have over the foreseeable future reflects the seriousness of your actions.

"Your behaviour was simply appalling."

Snell told Doyle she had caused life-long injuries over a few $100 worth of groceries.

Doyle's final sentence also took into account other instances of shoplifting including two days later on December 2 when she went to Mitre 10 Mega at Trade Central in Rotorua and took four axes from the store's garden area and slid them under a wire fence.

Doyle then went outside and collected the axes and put them in her Nissan car.

The axes had a combined value of $334.92.

On the same day, she went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, also at Trade Central, and walked around the store putting items in her handbag, a summary of facts said.

The items were valued at $256.

On crutches, Parata spoke outside the court after the sentencing.

She told the Rotorua Daily Post she was happy the ordeal had ended.

"Now I can move on with the rest of my life."