A pack of dogs chased down an elderly man and tried to attack him at Dargaville High School grounds.

As a result, Graham Jones is demanding Kaipara District council staff go house to house, checking on dogs to see whether they are "under adequate control" and also to check whether they are registered.

Jones said there were too many stray dogs roaming the streets in Dargaville. "Why should we be imprisoned in our own homes because of these damn dogs?

"I feel very nervous not just for me. I meet a lot of people including elderly ladies and women with children and I'm terrified for them because they are vulnerable.


"Some of the ladies I've spoken to are incensed about the number of dogs roaming the streets and. In some cases, they won't go outdoors for a walk at all."

Jones was taking a leisurely stroll on the high school grounds in Dargaville in mid-January of this year, when he said he was "almost attacked, by five pig dogs".

"They came out of nowhere, rushing at me. I can't outrun a dog. I can't outrun anything these days."

Fortunately, he was able to fend off the pack of dogs with an umbrella as he ran to a neighbouring house.

"One dog was trying to get at my legs from behind – and I managed to get myself onto Kauri St. At that stage, I became aware, that one of the flats was open and I warned the lady living there what was happening, then she assisted me to get away."

Jones' petition was dropped at several businesses in town on Monday, collected Wednesday afternoon, by which stage Jones says he had collected 106 signatures supporting the petition, which he hoped to present to the council today.

"I feel certain many more would have signed if we could have left it out for the whole week, but it was important to get it to councillors at their meeting yesterday. So many in such a short time sure says something."

The Kaipara District Council did not respond to a request for comment, however last year after a spate of dog attacks that left cats for dead spurred a similar petition, regulatory manager Dean Nuralli said the council was investigating a cost effective way of providing an efficient animal control service.


At the time, Nuralli said Armourguard, which has a contract for animal control services until September, was undertaking door-to-door checks for unregistered dogs.

"Likewise, any dog that is identified as not being kept under control may be uplifted and impounded and the owner infringed for failure to control or confine.

"Infringement and/or prosecution will be undertaken provided that the dog/s can be clearly identified and evidenced as causing attack on any person or other animal."

To report a stray dog call: 0800 105 890.