Government ministers are slamming a new National Party ad attacking its flagship KiwiBuild policy as sexist.

But National says the ad uses humour to show KiwiBuild failing and people need to just "lighten up".

The ad, which was released on social media yesterday, showed a young man and woman discussing the policy.

The woman appears excited by KiwiBuild – but the man quickly points out that to achieve the 100,000 target, 33 new homes would need to be built every day.


She asked how many have been built so far, to which the man replies 33. A disclaimer says the 33 houses were built over the Government's first 450 days.

Speaking to media this afternoon, Housing Minister Phil Twyford – the man in charge of the KiwiBuild policy – said the ad was "clearly sexist."

"I think a lot of people find it offensive."

Some on social media have complained the ad appears as though the man was mansplaining – when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending or patronising way – the KiwiBuild policy to the woman.

Twyford said if he had commissioned that "attack ad" he would be asking for a refund.
He said the barbecue depicted in the ad did not look like much fun.

"I think there would be much more enjoyable barbecues at Judith [Collins'] place."

Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter said National "missed the mark" when it comes to the ad.

"I really doubt that New Zealanders are going to find that it resonates. I can't believe that National's leadership didn't realise how sexist the ad looks."

She said the ad reminded her of the blockbuster movie Anchorman, which she said is a movie all about how sexist things used to be.

"Their ad seems to be a hallmark back to the 1970s."

But National deputy leader Paula Bennett said the ad uses a bit of humour to get the point across that this Government is failing in its KiwiBuild policy.

"I think everyone needs to lighten up and see it as a bit of humour and move on."

She said the ad did not intend any harm and she didn't think any had been done.