In podcast number two, Leighton discusses a somewhat sensitive subject, infanticide. Considering the legislation just passed by the state of New York, and changes in the making in New Zealand, abortion once again deserves attention.

On the week of Waitangi Day, issues are raised with regard to large amounts of taxpayer money being poured into questionable Māori issues.

Then the Trump effect, where a commentator constructs a most interesting theory with regard to the President. The reaction to Trump by Democrats, Never Trumpers, and some Republicans from a different perspective.


Then a perfect example of why the science is not settled.

In this podcast edition, Leighton talks with Steven Hargreaves, Principal of Macleans College, Auckland, on the report by Tomorrow's Schools "independent" task force. For those who were unconcerned about the government's intentions regarding education, think again. The report, if adopted as recommended, would create yet another layer of bureaucracy. Will New Zealand ever get it right, and get back to basics?

Then Mrs. Producer (by popular demand) joins the podcast to read some of the myriad of feedback.

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