One person has died in a motorcycle crash at Meremere Dragway. Police were called at 2.42pm.

The rider died at the scene. WorkSafe NZ has been notified.

A witness at Meremere Dragway today, Chris Lee, said the accident appeared to happen after the rider crossed the finish line.

"I was there but from the stands, all we saw was the pall of smoke and emergency vehicles," Lee said.


"Something happened after he crossed the finish line. The elapsed time [for the drag run] and the speed came up on the big screen before the fire."

On the Meremere Dragway Facebook page it was announced that the day's meet has been cancelled:

"It's a very sad day and we are postponing today's meeting due to a racing incident to a later date. Thank you for your patience at this time."

A Facebook page for motoring enthusiasts, Motohub, posted an account of the accident, saying the rider came off their bike at 167mph (269km/h).

"We all know motorsport can be dangerous, it's a sad day for all crew as this rider was well known and a regular," the post went.

WorkSafe NZ has been notified of the incident.