A motorcyclist showing off his more than 200km/h speeding in an online video has been caught out.

In August last year, 33-year-old Christchurch man Dane Allan Montgomery reached speeds of 220km/h on Banks Peninsula, posting a video of himself speeding and overtaking on double yellow lines on YouTube.

The YouTube video caption reads: "Nice Saturday cruising around the bays while avoiding idiot road users lol."

After a public complaint, police charged him with driving at a dangerous speed and providing false information over who was driving the motorbike.


Today in the Christchurch District Court, community magistrate Sally O'Brien sentenced Montgomery to eight-months driving disqualification, with a $1,150 fine.

O'Brien said Montgomery didn't just have a momentary slip of the accelerator - he went so far as advertising the speed of his driving online.

She said he was proud of his actions, which brought him to the attention of police and to court today.