A Trade Me auction for a Bunnings hat made famous by a young foul-mouthed tourist at an Auckland beach has reached a bid of $1000.

The hat is allegedly connected to the family now known as the "unruly tourists" who, following a series of events and a court appearance, have gained national attention.

On Wednesday a Kiwi woman posted the size 12 Bunnings hat for sale with a reserve of just $1.

The woman claimed to have found the hat discarded near Takapuna Beach, the same location the young tourist was filmed threatening a group of women.


"Bunnings hat. Used condition. Found near Takapuna Beach discarded. Although this is a very attractive and stylish hat I cannot be responsible for any obscenities that may flow from your mouth or rude hand gestures while wearing the hat," the seller wrote.

The proceeds from the auction would go to Mercy Hospice according to the seller.

It has been alleged the family of tourists have caused trouble in Auckland and Hamilton eateries claiming to have hair and ants in their food before demanding refunds.

The travellers made headlines around the world after a video emerged of rubbish being strewn on a Takapuna Beach reserve.

Bystanders asked the group to tidy the mess but were abused and threatened.

It since emerged the group arrived in New Zealand on December 29.

British tourist John Johnson leaves his accommodation on Wyndham Street on Monday. Photograph / Jason Oxenham
British tourist John Johnson leaves his accommodation on Wyndham Street on Monday. Photograph / Jason Oxenham

On Wednesday, a 26-year-old female member of the group pleaded guilty in the Hamilton District Court to stealing energy drinks, a rope and sunglasses from an Auckland service station on two separate occasions.

The court heard Tina Maria Cash stole a can of Red Bull from a Caltex service station at Albany on December 31.

At the same time another woman she was with hid a bottle of Primo milk under her dressing gown while paying for a packet of cigarettes.

Cash allegedly waited at the door until the service station assistant was distracted serving the other woman and left with the can of Red Bull.

The other woman allegedly did not pay for the Primo.

On January 3, Cash allegedly returned to the Caltex with her children and stole more Red Bull, rope and sunglasses valued at $50.

The family were also trespassed from Burger King Te Rapa on Tuesday after the family walked through the drive-through.

They had been at the restaurant earlier in the day causing a nuisance and complaining about and asking for free food.

The family told the Herald in an exclusive interview on Tuesday that they would be leaving New Zealand early because they had been misrepresented and no longer felt comfortable in New Zealand.