People are being let back in to Auckland Airport after a false alarm.

Fire crews were called to the airport just before 7am because of an alarm activation.

Level one of the airport was evacuated.

A spokesman for the airport said someone triggered the alarm but there was no fire.


The airport was now allowing people to return to the terminal. He said there was not expected to be any delays to flights at this time of the day.

Fire crews were called to Auckland Airport following an unknown alarm activation this morning.

A spokesman for the airport said an alarm had been activated around 7am and level one of the international terminal was evacuated.

It comes five days after major disruption unfolded at the airport when a fire in an air-conditioning vent meant the international terminal's check-in, departures and baggage hall had to be evacuated.

Unprocessed arriving passengers were left stranded in planes, on buses and behind the customs and passport control areas during the incident, which began just before 6pm.

Those who were departing and had already gone through customs and passport control hadn't been evacuated but processing of passengers had stopped.

An airport spokesman said the fire was put out by a sprinkler system.

More to come.