Gareth Morgan has made good on his promise to give funding to the political party he founded, giving $50,000 to The Opportunities Party last month.

But that donation pales in comparison to the $1.7 million he gave in the lead-up to last year's election which the party contested under his leadership.

The party, which garnered just over 63,000 votes in the election, was close to death earlier this year when its board asked the Electoral Commission to deregister it.

But it changed its mind, with Morgan calling for expressions of interest to keep it going.


Morgan posted on the party's website on July 16 that he was willing to give funding to those who would give an undertaking, until they were in Parliament at least, who would not compromise on the party's best practice policies.

Former deputy leader Geoff Simmons was announced as the party's leader in August, with the aim of taking it into Parliament in the 2020 election on the platforms of fair taxation, cannabis legalisation, affordable housing and environmental protection.

The new board comprises Simmons as well as two other 2017 TOP candidates - Olly Wilson and Paddy Plunket.

Morgan is staying out of the political arena and chairs the party's policy committee.

The party said in August that its first task would be to raise money to contest the 2020 election.

Newland said today that the party was working on funding at present and all donations were welcome.

"The good thing is the policies are in place and we're tweaking them a wee bit but from a party perspective, we certainly will be at the next election."