EXCLUSIVE: A teenage boy wrongly accused of rape went to prison protesting his innocence. A year later, the so-called victim recanted the allegations. But the confession didn't come to light for another 10 years. Jared Savage investigates.

For his 17th birthday, Patrick got a box of Roses, a koala key ring and a rape conviction.

On the koala's paws are stamped the words "Good Luck".

"I still have that koala as a reminder of how my life was ruined," says Patrick, who turns 31 next month.


Branded a dangerous sex predator as a teenager, considered remorseless for refusing to admit


'He put his hand on me and I just snapped'

'I didn't trust anyone'

A turning point

'Disappointing and most unfortunate'

'I think it's extraordinary'

Timeline of a miscarriage of justice