New Zealand's number one commercial radio show will extend its on-air time in 2019 - the Mike Hosking Breakfast on Newstalk ZB will from January broadcast until 9am.

The show currently finishes at 8.30am each weekday morning.

Newstalk ZB's head of talk Jason Winstanley says the breakfast audience "is listening for longer".

"Kiwi lifestyles have changed significantly over the last decade," Winstanley says.


"As New Zealand's population grows, the pressure on our roads builds and commute times increase. Work start times have also become more varied, as workplaces bend toward greater flexibility.

"Plain and simple, the breakfast audience is listening for longer. They want more.

"Mike Hosking knocks it out of the park every single day. This change means we can
include more news, fantastic commentary and opinion to keep New Zealanders in
the know."

Hosking is thrilled to be extending his show time.

"I can't wait for 2019, he said.

"We will continue to deliver the brilliant show we always do. Even better – it's longer!"

The transition brings Newstalk ZB's flagship show in line with GFK Survey time zones
and will come into effect from January 1, 2019.

The change is one of many exciting moves at the station. McIvor begins her
new morning show from January, and Simon Barnett and Phil Gifford take charge of
afternoons from mid-2019.


Leighton Smith is moving on from Newstalk ZB but not NZME; he will return in 2019 with a new podcast series, and a weekly column in the New Zealand Herald.

The change means Kerre McIvor, Heather du Plessis-Allan (in Wellington) and Chris Lynch (in Christchurch) will from the new year take over their morning shows from 9am.