Electric-scooter speedsters are being called to Chapel Bar & Bistro on Sunday night for the first-ever Ponsonby Rd Lime Scooter Grand Prix.

The victor will walk away with a trophy but it's not a winner takes all race, with Chapel Bar promising competitors there are plenty of prizes to give away.

The one-lap circuit runs around the block and competitors are being warned it's not an excuse to get silly on the sauce or the scooter.

Chapel Bar owner Luke Dallow told the Herald the race event is a "tongue and cheek" promotion for Heineken Zero, a non-alcoholic lager.


"It's great to have these scooters around and it's great to drink Heineken Zero, which is a zero alcohol drink, at Chapel Bar & Bistro," he said.

"If you're riding, no alcohol, we'll be breath-testing. You've got to wear a helmet, you've got to follow the road code, you've got to follow all the instructions of the scooter.

"Safety of the public is paramount, we'll make the call on the day whether to go ahead."

A police spokesperson said drivers on machines under 50cc cannot be charged for having excess breath alcohol but could face other charges.

"There are other potential charges a person on a scooter could face, such as 'endangering', 'reckless behaviour', depending on the individual circumstances."