Two men have been arrested after at least 10 police officers were shot at during a car chase in Auckland earlier today.

The chase started after police went to a Blockhouse Bay home to look for a man, who had escaped while at court earlier this week.

Waitematā District Commander Superintendent Tusha Penny said a member of the public also reported a further shot being fired in their direction during the chase.

"We are extremely lucky that we are not in the middle of a homicide investigation," she told media gathered at a press conference this afternoon.


She said "at least 10 police staff were put in jeopardy" along with members of the public, but that no one was injured.

"When I say police staff, these are mums and dads, sons and daughters, who come to work every day and put on this uniform ... to protect people they've never met before."

Penny said she could not stress enough how cowardly these acts were as police were fired upon on six different occasions.

The incident began in Blockhouse Bay at 11.42am when police spotted a "person of interest" in a silver Audi after earlier making inquiries at a nearby home.

As police approached, however, a male passenger allegedly fired at least one shot at police, Penny said.

The driver then fled toward State Highway 20 with police following at a distance, while the Police Eagle helicopter monitored from overhead.

The fleeing driver then entered to SH1 at Greenlane and was observed driving in a dangerous manner across to the Northern Motorway, Penny said.

The driver then exited on to SH16 where one of the occupants tried to flee the car on foot before being arrested by police at about 12.29pm.


Then second man then continued fleeing police in the car before eventually surrendering along SH16 at 1.07pm.

Earlier, a man revealed that he found himself at the centre of the chase the fleeing Audi pulled up behind him before firing a shotgun in the air.

The man who spoke, to the Herald anonymously said he was travelling southbound on SH20 when he noticed an Audi approach him at speeds in excess of 160km/h.

"A car came up behind me and a car came up travelling at least 160km/h.

"It was swerving in and out of traffic. I thought this is a bit bloody dangerous."

He was in the right hand lane and there were two clear lanes to the left of him, but instead of overtaking him on a left hand lane they slammed on the brakes and stayed behind him.

He then noticed the car was trying to overtake him by sliding into the median strip on the right hand side.

"They braked hard to get behind me then tried to pass on my driver side. Then I steered a little bit [to the right] to suggest they would damage my car," he said.

Members of the public reported seeing over 20 police cars on the Northern Motorway during the major pursuit. Photo / Supplied
Members of the public reported seeing over 20 police cars on the Northern Motorway during the major pursuit. Photo / Supplied

"At that point the passenger started firing a shotgun across the motorway. They shot it out the passenger window."

With some six years of military experience, the man assumed the person shooting the shotgun was right-handed and would have to fire across the driver to have a chance of hurting him.

So he decided it was safer to stay where he was in the far-right lane.

The fleeing vehicle eventually overtook his car and sped away and a few moments later he saw police in the rear view mirror and a police helicopter heading north.

Police stopped on the Northern Motorway near Silverdale. Photo / Supplied
Police stopped on the Northern Motorway near Silverdale. Photo / Supplied

Police say they are not looking for anyone else in relation to the chase.

Several Police scenes which were locked down after the gunman led police on a chase through Auckland this afternoon have now been cleared.

Traffic is now flowing freely and motorists are reminded to drive safely this weekend.

Earlier, a witness who didn't want to be named, had seen an old car with its back window smashed out, go past him near Waitoki, closely followed by around 20 police cars.

He said the police were armed and had the dog squad in attendance too.