A set of personalised "IAMGOD" number plates have gone on sale on Trade Me for a small fortune.

Those wanting to purchase the plates - being offered for sale by Natrell Wicks - will need to fork out $99,000 just to make a starting bid.

Should any buyer wish to skip the bidding process and buy the plates straight away, they would need to pay $150,000.

At that price, the only thing likely to be as large as the buyer's wallet is the size of their ego if they are to drive around proclaiming themself a deity.


Yet, Wicks said there were numerous other examples of collectors paying high prices for plates.

In January this year, the plates "MAORI", which had previously been owned by Kim Dotcom in 2011, went on sale for $49,000.

The reserve price for those plates had also stood at a whopping $99,000 before being slashed to $49,000 shortly before the auction closed.

Website numberplates.co.nz trades in personalised plates with DOGGY, FRODO, GOØFY and GOOGLE among those currently on sale.

The seller of the plate LOYAL, meanwhile, is asking $50,000 for their plate on the site.

A plate called "V8KIWI" reportedly went on sale in the past for $1 million.

Overseas, plates, such as "1", "007" and "F1" have fetched price tags ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars into the millions.