Painter Gottfried Lindauer was known for his stunning portraits of Māori and now a new book reveals his many portraits of Pakeha subjects.

Woodville historians Joan and Kevin McIntyre have produced a 260 page, hardbound book containing mostly unseen portraits of European NZ settlers.

Portraits of Whanganui businessman Joseph Paul and his wife Elisabeth are included among the 127 paintings reproduced in the book, as well as a 1904 Wanganui Chronicle article on the death of Mr Paul.

The McIntyres have researched Lindauer's early life and art training in Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) and his work before coming to New Zealand.


"The book traces Lindauer's arrival, his 15 years of travels and commissions within New Zealand and the 36 years he lived in Woodville until his death in 1926," said Kevin McIntyre.

There are also accounts of his family tours back to Europe with photos, postcards and letters all giving insights to the life of the artist.

There are newspaper articles on Lindauer's travels, portraits and the people he painted, and a section on Woodville's tribute to the artist included in the book.

"There is also a section with a timeline of his life, family, travels and the nearly 400 portraits painted," said McIntyre.

Gottfried Lindauer - Life of the Artist & His Work by Joan and Kevin McIntyre has been printed by H&A Print in Whanganui and will be launched at the Grand Hotel, St Hill St on Friday, September 7 at 5.30pm.