A former member of a popular New Zealand music group accused of domestic violence is appealing a judge's decision to allow his name to be published.

The entertainer was kicked out of the band in April after allegations of an assault against his ex-partner surfaced on Facebook.

He has pleaded not guilty to a charge of male assaults female, which was later amended to common assault.

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Since appearing in a court in the Wellington region for the first time in April, interim suppression orders for the defendant have been repeatedly made so that more information could be gathered on how his identification would adversely affect the band he was a part of.

The alleged assault has nothing to do with the band, and after the allegations came out on social media the band released a statement saying they had removed him as a member and did not condone domestic violence.

Judge Arthur Tompkins today lifted name suppression for the man, whose identity has been kept a secret for more than three months.

But the man's defence lawyer, Elizabeth Hall, notified Judge Tompkins they would be appealing the decision to lift suppression, meaning the man's name must remain suppressed until the appeal is dealt with.

The argument for suppression revolves around the claim identifying him would cause extreme financial hardship to his former band.

At the man's last appearance a month ago, he was denied diversion for the alleged offending.

Diversion is a scheme operated by the police that allows first-time offenders to be dealt with outside the court system and avoid getting a criminal record, while still taking responsibility for their offending.

The man will next appear in court in October.