Police are praising the actions of a Christchurch mother who called the police on her teenage son.

Last month, media reported that teens in Broomfield, Hei Hei, Hornby and Wigram were "door stepping" homes in the neighbourhood and stealing items left outside.

This week, one mother called police after she found some items that didn't belong to her 14-year-old.

He refused to tell her where he got them, so she contacted police.


Senior Constable Bruce Ward says when they picked up the bike, scooter and shoes they realised they had been stolen from properties in Wigram and Hornby.

"They'd go from house to house and have a look at what had been left out during the night on the doorsteps, and they'd taken what they wanted. Police believe they probably stole some of these items."

The teenager will now be charged with burglary.

Police believe between eight and ten teenagers are involved, and are urging residents to report any items missing from their homes.

Ward says police have items they believe are stolen but they need the owners to come forward before more charges can be laid.

"I suspect what's happened is that maybe young people have come out and found their shoes are not there or their scooter's gone, and they're parents have said 'I've told you not to leave it lying around, it's your own fault', and they haven't contacted police."

He also warns people to lock up their possessions and not leave anything out overnight.

"People have got to be very wary of where they leave items ... we believe this is probably a night-time event. And if they have got something missing, contact police and let us know."


Ward also says if teenagers come home with items that don't belong to them, parents should take it off them and call police.