A goofy video featuring a badly performed haka for Singaporean National Day has been slammed as disrespectful to Māori culture.

Staff from the marine group Keppel Corporation have come up with a mix of cringe that includes cross-fade effects, poor synchronisation, hand slaps and a questionable knock off of a Māori haka.

The video is part of a competition that pits government agencies, companies and schools for the best cheer in the lead up to National Day, and features prominently on the Coconuts Singapore news website.

The website said the haka should be performed with the utmost respect.


"The Keppel employees in the video may not be in tune with what the war cry represents, but it'd probably do them well to at least not look as goofy as they do when performing it.

Feedback to the website asking readers "Is if disrespectful?" brought a swift response.

"This is so disrespectful to the Māori culture! If it is going to be in our parade I am so disappointed with Singapore," said one response.

Said another: "Keppel should go and do more research before tainting other people's culture. This is not offensive, it's distasteful."