The police have issued a statement regarding the death of Robert Nelson, refuting some media reports.

A police spokesperson said there was information that was not provided by police that was being falsely attributed to them.

Another media outlet had reported that hits on the Mongrel Mob had been ordered by a rival gang known as the Greazy Dogs after a failed deal with the Mob.

The claim it was ordered by the rival gang was inaccurate, the spokesperson said.


"While we can't go into specific details for operational reasons, the investigation team are keeping an open mind to any possible scenario for the motive for Mr Nelson's death.

"The information reported in the media claiming the murder was an ordered hit by a rival gang is not information provided by police and is inaccurate.

"The investigation team welcomes information from the public that may assist with holding to account those responsible for Robert's death."

A police spokesperson said information shared with the investigation team would be treated in full confidence.

The Greazy Dogs were approached by the Herald but did not want to comment.