Several ASB customers have checked their accounts this morning to find multiple charges by Netflix, with one customer reportedly charged eight times.

An ASB spokeswoman said the bank become aware a number of customers had unauthorised transactions from Netflix appear in their accounts.

"We are working with Visa and Netflix to resolve and refund these charges," she said.

The bank was unable to comment on what caused the issue and would provide further updates to customers as the issue was resolved.


One customer reportedly had eight payments of $19.99 charged to their account.

It's not the first time Netflix customers have run into such problems.

In 2015 several New Zealand customers were overcharged soon after the service was launched here.

One Netflix customer posted a photo of his bank account showing seven debit transactions of $11.99 each on May 25, although he said it was actually 11 withdrawals.

Netflix issued an apology and promised to rectify the billing error.

Netflix issued a statement saying the over-billing issue was not widespread.

"We are aware a small percentage of Australian and New Zealand members experienced multiple credit card authorisations for monthly billing," the statement read.

"The issue has been resolved. While no extra money was withdrawn from users' accounts, it may take several days for the authorisations to drop from users' bank accounts."


One New Zealand customer confirmed to the Herald that he had been overcharged.

Other Netflix users took to Facebook and Twitter to complain about the overcharging.

"I got charged $11.99 11 times total $131.89 ... I hope you refund the amount soon," wrote one angry customer.

"Gotta say, very disappointing from Netflix. I was hit 10 times over the weekend. On top of that when I first called Netflix up i was told that the issue of multiple billing could not possibly happen under your automated system," wrote another.