He was green-as, as they say. He was also Green by name, and it was up to $20,000 worth of green that landed him in Napier District Court after a chance bust that uncovered a rubbish bag filled with cannabis in a vehicle stopped at a drink-drive checkpoint.

The details unfolded after William Don Green, 27, of Napier, appeared in court yesterday and admitted a charge of possession of cannabis for supply.

A police summary says a vehicle in which Green was a passenger, one of three occupants, was stopped at a checkpoint about 12.15am on March 31 (Easter Saturday).

Police noticed the aroma of cannabis and first found a "cannabis utensil" on the floor, initiating a search in which "five pounds of packaged cannabis head" was found in the boot. Smaller amounts were found on the driver and Green, the front-seat passenger.


Police say they were told by one occupant the trio were on their way to swap the cannabis for a car and cash in Bay View, on behalf of Green and that all three were taking a cut of the cash.

Green pleaded guilty before Judge Bridget Mackintosh and was remanded to appear for sentence on August 10, with the judging seeking a report on whether home detention was a suitable penalty.

Alleged co-offenders Russell James Clough, 28, and Jay Reuben Gibson, 30, have denied the charge and are due to appear in court again on September 10.