A young Auckland woman who had her surgery postponed due to the nurse's strike is calling on the Government to pay up.

About 30,000 healthcare workers nationwide walked off the job for 24 hours at 7am today after rejecting the Government's latest pay offer.

Between 6000 and 8000 elective procedures were expected to be deferred due to the industrial action.

Liv Redman, 18, was scheduled to have laparoscopy surgery today for suspected endometriosis, but it was postponed due to the impending strike.


However, the Auckland broadcasting student said she fully supported the striking nurses.

"I'm annoyed and in so much physical pain, but I understand why they are striking.

"My mum is a nurse. She used to work at Starship Hospital's emergency department, and the stuff they do and service they provide the country is incredible. The should be paid a lot more than they are. I am all for them striking."

Redman has experienced endometriosis symptoms since she was 15, but it was only picked up earlier this year.

"My doctor had previously just pushed it off, you know, like when you're a girl, and they just go, 'That's kind of normal'."

But over Christmas the symptoms got a lot worse.

"I am in so much pain, and my hormones have been out of whack too."

Her doctor referred her to a specialist who performed a scan and found issues in her ovaries and booked her in for surgery.

But just two weeks before her scheduled surgery at North Shore Hospital, she received a call to say it was shelved due to the potential strike.

The surgery was only delayed by a week, but given the years of waiting it was a big deal.

"I was on the bus home from university and I just burst into tears. It was heartbreaking, I had just been waiting so long.

"It is tough to miss out on surgery, but I am stoked the nurses are out there doing their thing to get the pay they deserve.

"They have been waiting 30 years. I would like them to be paid more so there are no issues like this in the future."