A woman who was shot while she and her boyfriend hid from a gunman in her Hamilton bedroom has spoken from her hospital bed, saying she's "still alive".

"You get shot f****ing how many times and you are still alive. I think that's a solid effort. That's a solid effort. Still alive," Kahlee Marfell said on a live Facebook video.

Marfell is recovering at Waikato Hospital and is waiting for surgery later today.

Wearing a hospital gown, with her arm wrapped in a bandage, Marfell was waiting for her wound to be flushed out to make sure there were no shell fragments remaining.


Marfell's boyfriend of four years, Robert Nelson, 23, was killed as he tried to protect her from the gunman on Sunday. Another young man, who was also at the house, remains in a critical condition.

Marfell said she felt like crap on the video, but later commented she was OK and just needed time to heal. She said her arm was still swollen.

In a Facebook post written earlier this morning she wrote that she was trying to get better so she could farewell the love of her life.

"I've got a lot on my plate as well as trying fix myself so I can say see ya later to the love of my life please bare with me I will be asking for people when I know who is here but it's up to me whom I want to see me as I'm nackerd considering no one lets me sleep [sic]," the post said.

Marfell has written a list of people she would like to visit her in hospital and has asked people to respect her wishes. She said she had not got much rest yesterday, with all the visitors.

Nelson's mother Dannette Vrijs previously told the Herald she was trying to grasp the awful fact she has lost her "hard-working and fun-loving" son forever. Nelson worked at a chef at Keystone in Hamilton alongside his mother and brother.

Meanwhile, police are continuing to hunt for the armed intruder who opened fire in the Matthews Cres house in Melville in the early hours of Sunday morning.