An Australian deportee with links to Melbourne's violent Apex gang has been jailed here for nearly 10 years after becoming involved in a drug syndicate.

Henry Robati, 20, was sentenced this morning in the High Court at Auckland after earlier pleading guilty to two charges of possession for supply of methamphetamine and cocaine.

He was deported to New Zealand in April 2016, after the Apex gang was blamed for a spate of violent crimes and robberies across Melbourne, including jewellery store heists.

However, not long after he returned to his home country, Robati was contacted by a leading member of a drug syndicate.


He was contacted by the woman via phone on September 29, 2016 and agreed to transport a sports bag containing 14.9kg of meth and 1.9kg of cocaine to a carpark in the South Auckland suburb of Manurewa.

He delivered the bag to his contact, who was then stopped by police.

When sentencing Robati, Justice Matthew Downs said the young man was seen as a "valued member of the crew".

He jailed Robati for nine years and three months, but did not impose a minimum period of imprisonment - allowing Robati to be paroled after serving a third of his sentence.

Justice Downs said Robati had greater criminal offending in Australia.

Two others arrested as part of the drug scheme are currently standing trial in the High Court.