A James Cook High School student has been suspended following a fight that put a 16-year-old boy in hospital with serious injuries yesterday.

Speaking to the Herald, principal Grant McMillan said the victim had been discharged from hospital last night with black eyes, wired teeth and facial abrasion.

"He was sitting up in his hospital bed quite chirpy about an hour after he was taken in. I went to visit him in his home late last night."

McMillan said an internal investigation was underway and one student had already been suspended.


"Another student is on stand-down while we do the investigation ... we are still working through it and there will be more information to come."

McMillan said it was possibly more students involved. It was a fight that erupted over what he thought was due to a falling-out at the weekend.

Yesterday the principal said the student who was bullied was foot-tripped and then punched once when he fell to the ground in a sealed area, and hit his head.

McMillan said staff who were on duty during the morning interval were nearby and they and the school's nursing staff followed the school's procedures for a possible head injury by calling for an ambulance.

"There's no doubt at all that it was an awful bullying incident and we are working through it," McMillian said.