Pets could soon be allowed on Auckland public transport if a council debate runs their way.

The Auckland Council's planning committee will next week discuss whether to allow pets on public transport.

They are already allowed on ferries, but not on buses or trains.
The Greater Wellington Regional Council voted last month to allow contained domestic pets to travel on buses and trains in the captial.

Any domestic pet is allowed on off-peak services for free – provided they are in a suitable carrier that can fit in the luggage areas or on the owner's lap, and are not a health or safety risk to other passengers.


"Many international cities such as Vancouver and Amsterdam, and now Wellington, allow pets on public transport. It's now Auckland's turn to step up and be a more pet friendly city," Auckland councillor Cathy Casey said.

One of the main reasons behind the shift is to provide more inclusive ways for domestic pets to be taken to vets.

Manukau ward councillor Efeso Collins said allowing pets would be "a welcome and overdue move".