The Government is set to make an announcement on Christchurch's new stadium this week.

A stadium is among the city's rebuild projects and officials have been debating about how many seats it should have, whether it should be covered, and if it will be for sports only or a multi-use arena.

There is also the question of who will pay for it. A feasibility study has recommended a 25,000-seat stadium with a retractable roof and playing field, at a cost of nearly $500 million.

The city council has already committed $250 million and bought three blocks of land for its construction. Labour has committed $300m to all of the rebuild projects, but is leaving it up to the council to decide how that money is spent.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said today that at least some of that money will be in the Budget next month.

She did not express a view on whether the stadium would be solely for sports or a multi-use entertainment arena.

"That's some of the debate for us. It's about saying here's the funding available, council you tell us what you and the people of Canterbury want," she told NewstalkZB.

"Having the likes of council then make a pitch around things like the horizontal infrastructure they need, the East Frame [housing project], the stadium, but knowing they would then have that pot of money that they would then be able to access for it."

The feasibility study has proposed other options, including a more expensive 30,000-seat, covered stadium and cheaper options with fewer seats and a partial roof.

Lancaster Park was damaged beyond repair in the 2011 earthquake and major sports matches have since taken place at an upgraded Rugby League Park in Addington.

The anchor projects were started under the previous Government and are designed to encourage development and attract people back into the CBD, most of which was demolished after the earthquakes seven years ago.

Some of the projects have been completed, such as the Justice Precinct, the National Earthquake Memorial, and the bus interchange. Most of the projects are still in the planning or construction phase.