A man who grew cannabis to help relieve back pain now has a drug conviction.

James Robert Richard Raupani, 32, employed, pleaded guilty to possessing six mature plants and 10 seedlings which were found under grow lighting.

The district court told was told on Tuesday that Raupani had no other drug convictions and grew the plants to use as medicine to help with back pain.

His lawyer Anna Brosnahan said her client's medical condition was such that he would require light duties if sentenced to community service.


Judge Philip Crayton said the court accepted the plants were for personal use "but the problem with self-medicating is that you may be tempted to sell any surplus," His Honour said.

Raupani had since been prescribed medication by his doctor.

Judge Crayton sentenced Raupani to 80 hours' community work and ordered that the plants and utensils found by police be destroyed.