A Wellington police officer's skateboard skills were caught on video while he was trying to impress the youths at a skate park in Wellington on Thursday night.

The officer is being praised on social media for the way he interacted with the young people, especially after being challenged by them to show what he could do with the skateboard.

Jay McDonald, who filmed the video, says police went to the Whitby skatepark in Wellington on Thursday night "looking for someone".

"It was at 8pm and the police officers came down to the skatepark looking for someone in the area. They drove close by me and my mate, and my mate waved them down and ask if everything was okay then they replied with, 'Yeah, we are just looking for someone in the area'," McDonald recalls.


"Then they were asking us questions about skateboarding then we challenged him to see what he could do then he came out and gave it a crack and me and my mate were enjoying it.

"Really pleased to see police being able to still be friendly and jumping in the community and giving it a go," he told the Herald.

The video was uploaded to the Whitby community page on Facebook and then shared by the Wellington District Police on the social network.