Toni Wilton sat in the Palmerston North District Court today with her fingers crossed as she waited to be sentenced for setting fire to a two-bedroom stucco farmhouse.

Wilton, 28, had pleaded guilty to the January 2016 arson.

She was sentenced by Judge Stephanie Edwards to two years cumulative to the three years two months she was already serving for four burglary charges.

Judge Edwards made no order for reparation of the farmhouse, which was insured for $301,037.88.


The house, 10km from Eketahuna, was used by farm workers. There was no one in the house at the time of the arson.

Judge Edwards said both the Crown and Wilton's lawyer Mike Kilbride acknowledged Wilton would not be able to pay reparation on her release from prison.

Wilton was sentenced on the burglary charges in the Wellington District Court on February 2 last year.

Today, Kilbride told the court Wilton's situation was dire.

In sentencing, Judge Edwards told Wilton her offending was in the context of significant personal stresses.

"I do not consider you went with the intention to burn the house down," she said.

"I reject premeditation, and you did not use an accelerant. You were angry and vengeful and believed you had been unfairly treated."

In 2015, Wilton and her daughter were offered accommodation by sharemilker and manager of the Atea Trust dairy farm Andrew Drysdale. In return, Wilton was to feed the calves on the farm.


However, Drysdale asked Wilton leave at the end of that year because her work was inconsistent and the relationship had deteriorated.

On January 20, 2016 Wilton went to speak to Drysdale who had reported Wilton to the police for stealing his credit card on which she'd made $4877 in purchases.

Wilton was arrested and charged with the theft. Drysdale had also told the father and grandmother of Wilton's daughter about the stolen credit card.

Wilton hit the man on the head with an extendible metal bar, smashed his phone and other items in the house and took his cellphone.

She then went into the farm cottage, 200m from Drysdale's home, and lit a fire in a woodbox which completely gutted the house.