The man found dead at an Auckland halfway house in the same room as Tania Ellwood was a convicted rapist, the Herald can reveal.

The bodies of Ellwood, 39, and Timothy Kerr Hamilton, 36, were discovered at Dryden Lodge by a maintenance worker on March 6.

The Herald has learned that Hamilton was convicted of rape in July 2007.

There is no suggestion whatsoever that his previous offending is connected to what happened at Dryden Lodge.


Hamilton had "quite a few" other convictions, a source said.

He was sentenced to five years in prison in the Waitakere District Court for one count of male rapes female over 16.

Hamilton was released on parole on February 21, 2011, and subject to special conditions for six months following that date.

The Parole Board report, released to the Herald, listed the special conditions.

Tania Ellwood was found dead at a Grey Lynn lodge on March 6. Photo / Facebook
Tania Ellwood was found dead at a Grey Lynn lodge on March 6. Photo / Facebook

Hamilton was required to complete the Community Mental Health programmes and abide by its rules to the satisfaction of his probation officer and Community Mental Health staff.

He had to stay at a supported Community Mental Health address and could not move without written consent from a probation officer.

Hamilton was not to have any direct or indirect contact or otherwise associate with the victim unless with the prior written consent from his probation officer.

He had to complete community-based mental health programmes, psychiatric treatment and counselling to the satisfaction of a probation officer.


He was also told to undertake such culture, craft and creative development programmes and or activities as directed by his probation officer.

Hamilton was required to notify his probation office of any changes in employment.

Hamilton was the son of Kiwi soul singer Josie Rika, who made a name for herself in the music industry in the late 70s and 80s.

His father Bruce Hamilton declined to comment to the Herald today.

Ellwood's partner Ira Heyder recently came forward saying he wanted answers regardless of how harsh the truth was.

Heyder told Fairfax that Ellwood had struggled with addiction in the past, but she had assured him that was something she had put behind her.

He last saw Ellwood when he dropped her off in Newmarket before he headed to Hawke's Bay for a work trip.

The couple exchanged some text messages and he believed she returned to the flat they shared in Sandringham.

When she stopped replying to her text messages and missed a family birthday celebration Heyder realised something was wrong.

The police made a public appeal for any sightings of Ellwood on March 6, but the two bodies would be found in Dryden Lodge later that day.

Police partially cordoned off the downstairs level of the Grey Lynn property and donned face masks and scrubs to scour the scene.

One man at the scene told the Herald it was like "something out of a horror movie".

"Flies were buzzing around the windows," he said.

"My biggest fears come true."

Heyder told Fairfax that police had not allowed him to view the body.

After the bodies were found the room was blessed by a pastor and residents at the lodge chipped in to buy flowers, which were laid at the scene in memory of the dead.

Hamilton's father Bruce Hamilton took to Facebook days after his death to say his son was gone too soon.

"See you on the other side son, I'm closer to that time than you were.

"I know at times I was hard on you but I so loved you, dad xx"

Two of Hamilton's nephews also paid tribute to him online.

"Rest in Peace Uncle Tim," Julian Rika said in a Facebook post.

"Gonna miss you and your crack-up jokes ... love you bro ... too early.

Katrina Ellwood paid tribute to her sister in a Facebook post.

"RIP my beautiful sis," she wrote, alongside a photo with Ellwood.

"I love you with all my heart and I'm going to miss you every single day.

Franky Burns previously told the Herald that she used to work alongside Ellwood in retail in Newmarket.

She had not seen her friend in the past eight months before her death.

Burns said her friend had "a heart of gold".

"There's another shinning star out there in heaven."

The police have said the investigation had been substantially completed but was not finished, and a file was being prepared for the Coroner.

The Coroner's Court said it was an active matter before them.