One of the two women at the centre of a historical sex offence trial has described her terror as her alleged rapist asked if he could "snuggle" in her bed with her.

Raymond Bradley, 71, is charged with raping and indecently assaulting two girls in Porirua in the 60s and early 70s, both of whom were aged under 12 during some of the alleged offending.

One of the complainants today described in the Wellington District Court one of the incidents where Bradley, who she said had already raped her on an earlier occasion, asked to cuddle up to her in bed.

The alleged incident was later on, when she was in her late teens.


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Trial on historical rape charges from the 60s begins in Wellington

Defence lawyer Wayne McKean said earlier this week Bradley only ever had consensual sex with her.

That night, the complainant said she called Bradley's wife for help with prowlers at her flat in Kelburn. Bradley went to help instead of his wife, and asked to stay the night.

The complainant reluctantly allowed Bradley to stay, but said he appeared in her room that night saying he was lonely and asked if he could "snuggle up" with her.

"I was petrified and terrified whenever I was in a situation like that with [him]," she said. "Some people run and some people freeze. I froze. I couldn't say the words 'go away'. I was terrified."

I hate myself to this day for letting it happen. I didn't have the words, I didn't have the courage.

The woman said Bradley knew how to "manipulate" her.

She did not reply, and said Bradley then got into the bed with her and raped her.

McKean questioned her on whether she said "no" to Bradley when he asked to come into the bed.


"I didn't say yes, okay?" she said.

"I was in shock and that's why I didn't reply . . . I hate myself to this day for letting it happen. I didn't have the words, I didn't have the courage."

McKean asked whether it was possible the woman hated herself for falling in love with Bradley.

"No, absolutely not, how can you suggest such a thing?" she replied.

McKean said Bradley's recollection was that the pair had been "kissing and cuddling" on the couch before heading to the bedroom together, and that the sex was "gentle and loving".

The complainant denied that version of events.

McKean also asked about the complainant allowing Bradley to be the photographer at the wedding, despite the alleged rapes.

She said it was because he was the only person with a good camera.

"It made me crawl, it made me feel sick. My wedding day and he was present as our photographer. Nobody knew what had happened."

Bradley is said to have offended against both girls on a number of occasions between 1960 and 1972. The earliest charge is dated between 1960 and 1961, when the other complainant was about 7 or 8 years old, and Bradley would have been 13 or 14.

McKean said Bradley never had sex with or committed any indecencies against that complainant.

Bradley faces five counts of rape, three of indecent assault, three of performing an indecent act, and one of inducing a girl to do an indecent act on him.

He moved to the US when he was a young man and lived there permanently until a few years ago when he moved back to New Zealand.

Upon finding out he was living in New Zealand again, the complainants contacted police about the historic allegations.