Video footage has emerged of young people dancing and drinking at a Labour Summer School Camp where a 20-year-old man allegedly groped four teens.

The footage published on Newsroom and TVNZ shows young people drinking cans and bottles of alcohol amidst dancing, singing and chanting at the Young Labour camp.

A bare-chested man can be seen dancing on a table with a silver can of vodka-based Smirnoff Ice singing Aba's Dancing Queen song with the crowd.

The camp, held near Waihi, in February has come under scrutiny after it has been alleged a 20-year-old man groped two boys and two girls, all aged 16.


The man was reportedly intoxicated when he put his hand down the pants of at least three of the four young people.

The alleged assaults took place on the second night of the camp. The man at the centre of the allegations, who is a Labour supporter but not member, has been banned from all future Labour party events.

Labour general secretary Andrew Kirton earlier apologised to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about the handling of the matter and that those affected had not been offered counselling until almost a month after the event.

Ardern has criticised her party officials for how they dealt with the incident.