Nasty abuse on social media has prompted a Whanganui theft victim to defend her stealing friend.

Amira England stole more than $1000 worth of valuables from a friend who took her in when she was homeless.

The story was shared on Facebook which started a barrage of negative comments, slamming England for her crime.

Now England's victim, Loren Darby, has responded by saying she has forgiven England and telling Facebook followers to stop the hurtful attacks.


"I am the friend that Mira England stole from, and I forgive her for what she done," Darby wrote.

She said she still believed there was a good person in her who could turn her life around and get on the right path.

England was convicted of burglary in the Whanganui District Court last week.

The judge said England had a serious drug problem which he suspected was behind the burglary.

Darby said all the stolen items had been returned in person by England.

"Yes, we can all agree this was the lowest of all lows for someone to sink to," Darby said.

"At least she has the balls to stand in front of the judge and admit she has done wrong, and the balls to stand in front of her friend and admit she screwed up.

"She is still human with feelings and emotions just like everyone else and she does not deserve to be bullied, humiliated and kicked while she is already down."


Viewers of the post responded with mixed views:

Shannon Mayo said: "Good on you for sticking up for your friend. Just please proceed with caution as history can repeat itself." Liz Williams agreed there were far too many bullies in Whanganui.

"I have been [badly] treated and badmouthed by a couple when I had done nothing wrong at all except showed my assertiveness."

Ann Deni said: "This should not be on here at all, this is disappointing and disgusting."

Shekinah Will commented: "I'm guessing most posters haven't dealt with P addiction and how it distorts reality and how difficult it is to get off it."