Aucklanders will be asked if they think the public sale of fireworks should be banned.

Auckland Council was set to vote to ask the Government to end private use of fireworks today but it agreed to ask the public their thoughts on the ban before it votes.

Councillor Cathy Casey, who suggested the ban, said it would be common sense and would reduce harm for people and animals.

She said there were a number of public displays for people to go to for a safe show.


"I think the public has a mood for change, and I think we're going to find that out at the end of this year. It will make the case to Parliament that much stronger," Casey said.

Feedback will be gathered during the review of the Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw, scheduled for August.

Councillor Penny Hulse lives in West Auckland, and sits outside with her horse every Guy Fawkes.

"I always hope for rain on Guy Fawkes night, but now it seems every night is Guy Fawkes night. I'm sick of being woken up at 11 [o'clock], 12, 1."

Earlier, the SPCA told councillors how traumatic fireworks were for animals.

SPCA scientific officer Dr Sarah Zito said animals became stressed from the light and sound of fireworks.

They can be injured because of ther frightened behaviour, or traumatised.

Horses can break limbs smashing through gates or fences, and some have to be put down.


Zito said the public supported a ban on the public sale of fireworks.

Multiple studies show at least 80 per cent of people want them banned.