Emergency services are continuing their search for a 54-year-old man missing near the Santoft Forest for five days.

Kevin Hartley was last seen driving his quad bike along Parewanui Road to the beach, towards the bombing range tower in Santoft Forest on the evening of Friday, February 16.

His quad bike was found in nearby sandunes.

A police spokeswoman said there would be search teams combing the area today, consisting of Police, LandSAR, NZDF and local volunteers.


The dive squad was unable to deploy due to rough seas and searchers will continue to focus on the area north of the bombing range.

They will also search the sand dunes, shelter belt and forest area before expanding outwards.

The area is a well-known fishing spot however, weather in the area last night was treacherous.

Anyone with information that might help find him is urged to contact their local police station.