A Northland school's lockdown has ended but police are keeping a "significant presence" in a coastal settlement after a gunman fired multiple shots at a house.

Police confirmed multiple shots had been fired at a property but said no one had been injured.

Police believe the alleged offender knew the occupants at the property.

Lock down is now over. Thank you whanau for all your understanding and support. You may collect your children and we are organising our town bus as we speak. More information about other buses soon.

Posted by Ahipara School on Sunday, 18 February 2018

Ahipara School had earlier been put into lockdown as a precaution, Senior Sergeant Peter Robinson said.


A significant police presence was in the area this afternoon, and police were keen to hear about any suspicious activity.

Police were first notified of the incident at 10.30am after shots were fired at a property in Takahe Rd.

"Several people were inside the address at the time, but fortunately no-one
was harmed."

Multiple cordons were in place, including around Takahe Rd as police -
including the armed offenders squad and the Eagle helicopter - continue searching for the gunman.

Residents were advised to stay inside.

An early childhood centre in the tiny coastal township also posted on Facebook that it had been locked down.


Posted by Ahipara Sandhoppers Early Childhood Centre on Sunday, 18 February 2018

A spokeswoman from North Drift Cafe, across the road from the school, said she had heard police were attending an incident involving a gunman.

"We got a call a little while ago from the school saying they've shut the it down because there was a man with a gun in the area.

We have been advised by the NZ police to go into lock down. Everyone is safe and accounted for. We appreciate that you...

Posted by Ahipara School on Sunday, 18 February 2018

"There are police around the village area, but I don't really know much more."

Police had cordoned off some of the side roads off Takahe St, she said.

Update 2.29pm : We have been advised by the police that we are still to remain in lockdown, children and staff are safe...

Posted by Ahipara School on Sunday, 18 February 2018

A spokeswoman at the Ahipara Holiday Park said the helicopter had been circling, looking for somebody.

"Hopefully they find him," she said.

A resident on Reef View Rd reported seeing the police Eagle helicopter arrive about 12.05pm. It appeared as if it was going to land at the golf club but instead circled above Foreshore Rd and the hills which run between the coast and the Ahipara Gumfields.

Another witness reported seeing the helicopter land at the rugby grounds opposite Ahipara School around 12.25pm.

Takahe St, where it is believed the shots were fired, has been sealed off by police.

Police have also closed off Foreshore Rd, which runs from the centre of Ahipara township to Shipwreck Bay.

The offender however is thought to have abandoned his vehicle - recovered by police -
and fled on foot a few kilometres away near Shipwreck Bay.