Eels? Sure, but marlin on the Hikurangi swamp?

That's exactly what Hikurangi swamp dairy farmer Geoff Crawford discovered when he went to open a floodgate to release floodwaters about 8am today.

He discovered one dead marlin was stuck in the floodgate and three others were floating, partly submerged about 2km away.

The bodies of the four marlin were intact except the beaks had been removed. Mr Crawford said the marlin had been dumped and he was shocked to make the find.


"It's shocking. What does it take for people to dig a hole and bury them?" he said.

Mr Crawford had contacted the Whangarei District Council and local Councillor Greg Martin but said he may have to dispose of the marlin once the floodwaters had receded.

Meanwhile, one northbound lane of SH1 on Turntable Hill, north of Moerewa, has been closed because a massive underslip from a storm several years ago has started moving again.

Otiria Stream starting to flood over the bridge at the bottom of Turntable Hill, SH1. With SH11 already closed the Far North will be cut off if the stream continues to rise.