It's time we Kiwis figure out how to handle social situations without a drink in our hand, and I think I've got the answer - board games should be the new drinking.

My husband and I were in our early 20s when we decided to put drinking behind us. Board games weaselled their way in to fill the gap.

It started with Settlers of Catan. I like to consider it a gateway game.

One weekend we spent 12 alcohol-free hours playing board games with our friends. We were awake until 5am.


As shown in the article, plenty of young adults are discovering there's so much more to choose from than Monopoly and Scrabble.

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In the Nightingale household, picking what to play is like planning a multi-course meal.

"Let's start with a few rounds of Love Letter, then maybe some Sushi Go, a game of Galaxy Trucker, and then Seven Wonders . . ." is common to hear.

To be fair, divorce and death threats are also common to hear on board game nights in our house, so make sure you're wearing your thickest skin before breaking out Bananagrams.

Don't let a few friendly promises of severe violence put you off though, getting into board games is well worth the all-consuming rage.

I personally find it a lot more fun than figuring out different ways to get drunker faster.

Bonus? No hangover.