Auckland's skies have turned purple for the second time in less than three weeks.

The unusual sight was a welcome relief amidst the rain which has pounded the city for most of the day.

Photos of a vivid purple sky have been popping up on social media tonight.

The Onehunga Enhancement Society snapped a photo saying the sky went pink, then purple.


Did anyone else in Onehunga see tho weird light tonight. It was pink then purple.

Posted by The Onehunga Enhancement Society TOES on Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Royce Samuels also managed to snap a photo of the unusual sky through the rain from his office in Mt Wellington.

Purple sky in Mt Wellington. Photo / Royce Samuels
Purple sky in Mt Wellington. Photo / Royce Samuels

A similar sight was reported by people across the city on January 18.

At the time, MetService meteorologist Tom Bell said his educated guess would be that the uniquely coloured sky was "probably something to do with the scattering of the light from rain droplets".

Different wave lengths of light which produce different colours got scattered when they interacted with raindrops, he said.