A woman is begging for the safe return of her beloved puppy after the pet was viciously ripped from her arms by two strangers.

Grace Read says she is heartbroken after her rottweiler Rosko was snatched - despite her desperate attempt to shield the 10-week-old dog from harm.

The devastated North Shore woman was on her driveway with the pet she had only had for a week and a half when two men walked towards her yesterday morning.

She said the pair, whom she saw knock on the door of a neighbouring property, spoke about a mystery woman and then demanded to enter Read's home.


Why are you looking at me like my ear is in-side-out?

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Things took a terrifying turn when she refused.

"That's when he got really aggressive. He was just wild. I was right up his face and his eyes were really crazy. He grabbed the cuff of my dressing gown and flung me to the ground," said Read.

"As I was lying on the ground I saw the other guy look at Rosko and I scrambled to grab him."

But her efforts to protect her little pup were in vain, and the man ripped him out of her arms.

Read said she was left with scratch marks and bruising after the pair struggled on the concrete over her cherished pet.

The dognappers fled on foot as Rosko and Read wailed in despair.

"I started screaming to my partner. He ran out but they had quick as anything run away."

Read and partner Jason Gostick called police and spent more than 12 hours scouring North Shore streets for the prize pet but came home empty-handed.


Read said the episode was nothing short of torture.

Grace Read is heartbroken her puppy was stolen. Photo / Suppleid
Grace Read is heartbroken her puppy was stolen. Photo / Suppleid

"It just happened so quickly. I threw up because I couldn't believe what was happening.

"He means the absolute world to me and we still don't have our dog home safe and sound."

Gostick added: "It kills me by the time they were running up the driveway they had gone.

"Then I was even more furious after discovering they had assaulted my girlfriend."

Neither had slept and Gostick turned to social media to spread word of the brazen theft.

The pedigree pup, who has its own social media account, was only just being settled into their home and had not yet been microchipped or registered.

She begged for anyone who knew anything to contact police.

"I just want him to be okay," said Read.

She described one of the men as Caucasian with short blond hair of average height and slim. His accomplice was a larger Maori who wore a black T-shirt and jeans.

North Shore Detective Senior Sergeant Marcia Murray said police were called to assault against a woman in Castor Bay shortly before midday yesterday and a puppy was taken by two men.

Police were following lines of inquiry to identify the pair, she said.

Anyone with information was asked to contact North Shore Police on (09) 477 5004 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.