A Manawatū man had an unwanted shock to kick off his Sunday when he found an intruder sleeping next to his son's cot this morning.

According to Fairfax reports the man went to check on his son in their home at Linton Military Camp this morning when he made the discovery.

A man was sleeping in a chair next to his baby's cot, donning just a T-shirt and underpants.

Police confirmed to the Herald they were called by the occupants of the home after they found the man asleep.


"Police attended and spoke to the occupants.

"The man was no longer there after being asked to leave by the occupants," a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said the man was believed to have been intoxicated.

It was believed he had "mistakenly" gone to sleep in the wrong house.

Fairfax reported the baby's mother had posted on Facebook about the incident, asking for information about the intruder.

The couple gave him a towel and then kicked him out, she said.

The man was described as being Māori or Pasifika, clean shaven, with short hair.

He also had a tattoo on his neck.