A Mosgiel woman went berserk when noise control staff turned up to her home to confiscate a stereo, a court has heard.

Tania Lee Vince, 37, was arrested on June 24 and reacted by biting and spitting at police officers.

Security staff turned up with police after a noise complaint at 3.45pm that day and once the stereo had been seized, the drama commenced.

First, a woman at the address became "emotional and angry" and ran from the property screaming insults at neighbours.


That triggered Vince's rage, Judge Michael Crosbie said.

She picked up a speaker and threw it across the room before pushing past police and trying to retrieve the sound system.

Vince was warned several times, the court heard, but would not calm down.

Eventually police had had enough but when she realised she was to be arrested, she tried to walk away.

It took two officers to handcuff her. She then sat on the ground and refused to walk to the police car.

As Vince was being searched, she kicked out at a male constable and when they finally got her in the vehicle she aimed blows at the windows.

She also spat in the officer's face.

When they reached the station, Vince lay on the floor refusing to move.

After failing to negotiate with her, officers forcibly pulled Vince to her feet but while they did so, she bit the hand of a female constable.

"Throughout the process, you voiced your dislike towards the police," Judge Crosbie said.

"Your behaviour was appalling on that night."

He said the assaults did not injure the officers but the victims had faced a nervous wait until blood tests were returned.

"You may think spitting is nothing; it may be something you do quite a bit but it's abhorrent," the judge said.

"What can be transmitted by spit is quite serious."

Counsel Meg Scally said her client realised alcohol was the catalyst for her meltdown but she said she would binge drinking at the weekend rather than use it daily.

Vince had recently found out she was pregnant, which had motivated her to change her life, the court heard.

She was convicted of two counts of assaulting police, resisting and disorderly behaviour, and sentenced to three months' home detention.