A pointer-staffy cross dog, injured when an out of control car slammed into a Paraparaumu house on Saturday, is expected to receive surgery today.

The driver of the vehicle crashed into the house on the corner of Ruapehu St and Riwai St at about 11.30pm, causing extensive damage.

The scene after a car crashed into a house in Paraparaumu. Photo: NZ Police
The scene after a car crashed into a house in Paraparaumu. Photo: NZ Police

Two people in the house were uninjured but the young dog, Iza, which had been sleeping on a chair, suffered a broken knee.

The driver fled the scene and wasn't located by police, but the next day a 29-year-old local man was arrested and charged with dangerous driving, driving while forbidden and failing to remain at a crash scene.


Homeowner Brendon Pugh, who was out at the time of the crash, said the veterinary bill to fix Iza's leg was about $1500.

"It [the repair] has to be done...the X-rays showed a big crack in her knee.

"They have to repair that and maybe pin a piece of bone which came off."

Charles Maltby, who lives across the road in Ruapehu St, was outside having a cigarette when he heard a car "flying from down the road".

"I knew something was going to happen."

He said it was likely the car spun out before going through a fence backwards and crashing into the house.

The driver did a few burnouts, he said, to try to get off the car off a deck, but couldn't so fled on foot.

"I saw him running off down the road, so I called out 'where are you going?' and he yelled back 'it's all f**ked' and kept on running."

Brendon said motorists going too fast in the area was common.

A few days before the latest crash someone smashed into the bottom of his section and almost ended up in a creek.

A year ago someone crashed through his fence, but his truck stopped the car from hitting his house.

"It's madness."